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Omega Preschool& Childcare Centers

founded in January 2011. The OPSD centers offers child care to all children 2 through 6 years. In Namibia Africa, we care for children by providing the best learning environment possible for child’s first education experience. We introduce preschoolers the way of learning and help them develop a lifelong quest for knowledge. We also nurture each child from early age to develop a deep relationship with God. OPSD Centers has grown from 11 to 140 children this year (2014) in two different locations (Okahandja& Otjiwarongo). OPSD Centers has currently 9 full time paid staffs and volunteers from different parts of the globe often come and serve the children.


Omega Faith Compassion (Charity Organization)

OFC is a charity organization and ministry of NAIC. This organization started in Oct 2006 in Okahandja Namibia (Africa) with the aim to support infants with formulas especially those mothers had HIV/AIDS.  And later the ministry extended it supports by giving social support to the needy and vulnerable members of the communities. NAIC provide an education and nutritious for hundreds of needy people. These areas touch on: Feeding schemes, baby formula, soft food, scholarships and providing necessities of life to poor people. The program provides a solid Bible studies and pastoral care.


Volunteering Services

For the past 10 years NAIC– Namibia—Africa had privileges to host a great number of volunteers from different countries around the globe, such as; Japan, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, the Netherlands& USA. The volunteering services has been an opportunity to many folks to serve the ministry and the local communities in Africa. If you are interested to be part of the team and visit our African centers do not hesitate to contact us for more details.