New Anointing Family 


Member Testimony!

Our house was to be repossessed by the bank but a day before someone told us about this ministry& Pastor William. My mum& I went to see the pastor for the prayer he prayed a very short prayer & things just changed from no where& now is 3 years since God worked a miracle for us. God is great& loving. I was a Jehovah witness for many years but this miracle made me converted to Christ and now I am serving as a pastor after a journey of water baptism to leadership training.

Rachel Ndokotola, Cafo RSO, Namibia


My hair on the head was removed and could not grow since 2002, every morning I found my hair was eaten in the night. But since I was prayed for and delivered my hair is now growing well. It is amazing.

Ndamona, High School Student, Okh Namibia


My life is totality changed& of my whole family after our deliverance during Pastor William's crusade in our town. I never knew God can answer my prayer but first time I saw God working in my life. I want to become a member of this loving& peaceful church.

Charmaine, College Student, Grootfontein, Namibia